You know how it is when you visit most mattress and bedding stores, right? Rows of beds lined up right and left. They want you to be impressed by all the choices. They have something for everyone, they say. They’ve also got lots of ways to confuse you, and lots of ways to up-sell you.

At Santa Cruz Natural Mattress, we don’t play that game.

We don’t have $500 mattresses. We don’t have $5,000 mattresses. We think cheap mattresses are a waste of money … and so are super-expensive ones. We also don’t have signs bragging about 2,500 coil springs per square foot, or 25 layers of this, that and the other kind of foam sliced, diced, and glued together inside a slick looking cover. We don’t have padding made of reams of polyester, or bales of horsehair.

We offer just one thing: the very best mattress we know how to make. So our small showroom offers just a couple of products for your consideration.

Eco – Friendly luxury

Inside our mattresses is just one thing: natural latex rubber. We craft our beds with just two layers of latex*. There’s either a medium firm, or an extra firm, core of white Dunlop latex that provides supurb resilient support. Plus there’s a “topper” of plush, comfy Talalay premium latex that cushions and cradles while providing just that extra support needed to help keep your spine properly aligned. (We can vary this if your individual needs differ).

(*Or three, or even four, layers if you special order it that way. But in most cases, we think extra layers don’t really add all that much).

We then encase our latex cores in 100% organic cotton.

Natural latex starts with the sap of Hevea barzilliensis: the Rubber Tree, originally found in Brazil but now used in tropical zones worldwide, wherever latex is produced (South and Central America, as well as parts of Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China). Dunlop and Talalay are made from the exact same raw material; they are simply different ways of curing and blowing the rubber.

Latex – natural botanical latex, not the fake manmade stuff – is naturally cool, comforting, anti-microbial, and biodegradable. Latex mattresses last for years and years, retaining their remarkable resiliency and supportive nature long after synthetic foams start to sag, crush, and crumble. Our latex also outlasts innerspring mattresses, and any kind of traditional crush-prone batting, including cotton.

The quality, comfort, longevity, health benefits, and environmental responsibility of latex makes Santa Cruz Natural Mattress the obvious choice over the petroleum-based foam and spring mattresses (sometimes drenched with toxic fire retardant chemicals) sold by the big boxes and mattress chains. It’s also a wise, economical choice given the remarkable durability and long life of our mattresses.

At the end, it’s all pretty simple:

– We buy the very best materials we can lay hands on.

– We ask you which core firmness, and plush layer, best meets your needs.

– We craft it to your order, bring it to your home, and back it up with a terrific warranty.


100% Natural Botanical Latex

Our Promises

Use only eco-friendly & sustainable materials

Ensure our products are healthy, safe & non-toxic

Lower our carbon footrpint & environmental impact

Made in the USA, we pay our employees livable wages

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