As one of the more populated cities throughout Santa Cruz County, Watsonville is a great city to reside in. The city is primarily known for its farming industry which provides them with fresh produce found sold at one of the many marketplaces in the community. The residents of Watsonville are very eco-friendly and health conscious. As you cruise the streets, you have certainly noticed all the small shops and boutiques that encourage an environmentally conscious mindset and lifestyle.

As a citizen of Watsonville, maintain the green lifestyle and check out Santa Cruz Natural Mattress to view their affordable product line of green, eco mattresses. There is no better way to sleep at night when you can rest assured that your bed is free from harmful toxins, dust mites and other contaminants, including those that often cause allergies to flare up.

Buy a 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Santa Cruz Natural Mattress sells latex beds at their organic mattress store online. Each one comes at an affordable price to help the residents of Watsonville as well as all of the State of California with their environmentally friendly, healthier lifestyles. Check out these organic mattress options and learn why they’re so popular…

  • The liquid rubber is harvested from the rubber tree aka the Hevea brasiliensis. This process doesn’t harm the tree, making it sustainable. The serum seeps out until it heals the tree completely allowing it to continuously grow until old age.
  • The natural latex is combined with other natural additives to create the mixture necessary to form the mattresses. After this vulcanization process, the liquid is formed into shape with a mold.
  • This natural latex foam is flame retardant, and toxin, pesticide, bacteria, and chemical free.
  • The layers of latex foam that are formed together to create the mattress which keep it comfortable, durable and supportive.
  • An organic cotton cover comes with each mattress providing the ultimate softness and comfort.
  • The rubber tree produces liquid latex as a means of preventing pests from harming it by living within its bark and trunk. Since the mattress is created with all natural latex, it acts as a barrier to dust mites and other tiny pests that like to thrive in mattresses and pillows.
  • These carefully handcrafted mattresses last from 15 to 20 years due to the quality of the design and creation.
  • It is sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Your body stays aligned all night long. You’ll get guaranteed peaceful sleep and have less pain.
  • The natural latex components allow for air to circulate. Since it’s breathable, you’ll notice that you perspire less and your body stays cool throughout sleep.
  • You can buy these mattresses in size: king/queen/twin/single.

There are so many advantages and reasons to buy a all natural latex, eco mattress. The best organic mattress on the market can be found online at the organic mattress store for Santa Cruz Natural Mattress or at the Santa Cruz based showroom

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