Scotts Valley brings to mind everything that embodies California living. Lush mountainsides, beautiful vistas, and thriving coastlines full of beautiful people. Like Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley also has a strong reputation for being an eco friendly community that cares about preserving those amazing sights gifted to us by mother nature.

With so many sales pitches being thrown around these days on ways to be green and protect our natural world, it can be hard to decide what to truly invest your time and money in. Why not start with something large that you use every day? An organic mattress, yes you heard us right, is a great place to start or continue your path towards being a shepherd of the environment.



Invest in a 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Santa Cruz Natural Mattress offers organic, renewable resource inspired mattresses at a great price to our consumers. For decades, mattresses have been produced in the same old ways without much new entering the marketplace. They surely haven’t done much to address the impact on the environment either. But Natural Mattress did…


How we Made it Green

  • Derived from liquid latex harvested from the rubber trees of Asia, the process used to create latex mattresses doesn’t harm the tree and allows its to continue growing while producing this natural substance.
  • How long did your last mattress last? In our opinion, not long enough. Our Natural Mattresses were designed to last 15-20 years.
  • Whenever you’re ready to replace your mattress, you can rest assured that natural latex versions are 100% recyclable, no more wasted landfill space.
  • Maintaining our commitment to the natural order of things, we ensure that our products are also free of chemicals, pesticides and bacteria that could harm your family.
  • After being mixed with a few other natural derivatives, vulcanization creates the material needed to mold your new mattress into a cloud of heavenly sleep.


It May be Eco friendly, but is it Comfortable?

  • Going green is important, and sometimes requires us to sacrifice, but when it comes to your mattress, we were sure to put comfort at the top of our priority list. Layers of latex are harmoniously configured to create the most comfortable result possible.
  • As opposed to spring style mattresses, natural latex mattresses fit every type of sleeper. So whether you’re on your side, back, stomach or even your head, you’ll be well supported.
  • Our innovative latex blend allows air to circulate and your body to cool itself while you sleep. Meaning you perspire less and sleep better.
  • We’re not looking to gouge you as often as possible, we’re looking to save the planet and give you the most comfortable sleep we can.

Does it Last and is it Safe?

  • Along with being naturally hypoallergenic, the latex mattress you’ll be sleeping the night away on is flame retardant and toxin free, giving you peace of mind.
  • We include an organic cotton cover with all our mattresses as well to provide you a layer of separation from our latex foam, keeping your mattress hygienic and protected from small spills and stains.
  • In order to keep your bed free of dust mites and other potential pests, we turn back to the rubber tree. It produces the liquid latex we use to form our organic mattresses as a means to defend itself from bark and trunk dwelling insects. That means no more potentially harmful sprays, you have a natural defense with our latex blend.
  • Many industries have proven the durability of latex. Where other foams and springs wear out over time, latex maintains its form and its resiliency throughout its lifetime. You’ll most likely replace your entire bedroom suit before you replace our mattress.

The benefits of an organic, 100% natural latex mattress are seemingly limitless. The downsides? Well, we’ll let you know when we find one. Investing in the newest innovation to the green sleep industry not only protects our beautiful world against wasteful practices, but also gives you the comfort and peace of mind to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Santa Cruz Natural Mattress has all the information you need to get started on your journey towards a restful night’s sleep and a clear conscious, contact us today to set up an appointment with our sleep consultants or stop in to check out all the options available.

We promise, we here at Santa Cruz Natural Mattress are committed to a green world and a great night’s sleep, come on in and let us prove it to you!

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