Salinas is an urban area that remains the largest municipality of Monterey County, California. With mild climate almost all year round with the exception of the hot summers, this city is desirable to those who enjoy any kind of water or outdoor activity yet still enjoy the city life. Entertainment, restaurants, shops and more can be found all over the city. As you walk around, you may even take notice to all the sustainable, eco friendly places there are to visit and how clean the city’s public areas stay.

Santa Cruz Natural Mattress is not shockingly, one of the best online organic mattress stores around, serving Salinas and all of its sister regions. You can find their eco mattresses for sale at their Santa Cruz based showroom. You can buy their latex beds in sizes: king/queen/twin/single. Every latex foam mattress purchase comes with an organic cotton cover and is listed at an affordable price.

The Creation of Latex Foam Mattresses by Santa Cruz Natural Mattress

Natural latex is harvested primarily in Asia where rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) grow near the equator. The trees are tapped cautiously for their liquid latex. The tree is unharmed in the process of tapping similar to that of maple syrup collection. Once the all natural latex is collected and then combined with other synthetic additives to create the proper compound,  it goes through a vulcanization process. This then creates a foamy thick liquid, it is poured into a mold where it takes its final form into a sheet. Santa Cruz Natural Mattress uses several layers of latex foam sheets to create their final product.

Advantages of the 100% Natural Latex Mattress

  • Our latex beds are comfortable, supportive and durable due to the layers of latex foam and the meticulous design and creation of each handcrafted eco mattress.
  • The organic cotton cover that comes with each green mattress purchase offers further softness.
  • These organic mattresses are flame retardant, contaminant, toxin, and chemical free making them one of the purest, healthiest and cleanest mattresses on the market.
  • All natural additives are used in combination with the liquid latex keeping the mattresses hypoallergenic and safe for anyone.
  • The natural rubber acts as a barrier to dust mites and other small bugs and pests.
  • This latex bed has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years due to the strength of the all natural rubber.
  • The firmness of the mattress provides extreme comfort while encouraging body alignment, keeping the shoulders, back and hips straight..
  • The latex material keeps out moisture and breathes easier than other mattresses. The air circulates throughout the mattress which keeps the body cool and reduces perspiration.

For the best organic mattress available to Salinas and California residents, check out Santa Cruz Natural Mattress’ online organic mattress store. We have affordable prices and various other products available. To benefit from a cleaner more eco friendly lifestyle, take a look at our affordable mattresses for sale, today.

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