As the city ranked as the 33rd wealthiest city in the United States, Los Gatos has a lot to be desired. There is so much to do and see, that it’s no wonder the residents of Los Gatos take such pride in their community. Many of them have adapted a cleaner, more eco-friendly lifestyle. Even some of the city’s high technology companies have even adapted the same green mindsets.

To encourage an even greener, more environmentally lifestyle, consider throwing out your old mattress and exchanging it for a brand new all natural, latex eco mattress. Santa Cruz Natural Mattress has opened its showroom in Santa Cruz so that the residents of Los Gatos and all of California can order one of the best organic mattresses available in the market.

Buy a 100% Natural Latex Mattress from Santa Cruz Natural Mattress

Santa Cruz Natural Mattress sells their layered all natural latex beds at affordable prices to help the residents of Los Gatos to maintain their environmentally friendly, healthier living, protecting their environment even further from contaminants. Here are some reasons these mattresses remain ever so popular on the West Coast…

  • They’re created with liquid latex that’s harvested from the rubber tree in Asia. This process doesn’t harm the tree. The serum seeps out until it heals the tree completely allowing it to continuously grow until old age.
  • Synthetic and all natural additives are added to the natural latex to create the mixture needed to form the mattresses. This is described as the vulcanization process. Once the mixture is just right, it is poured into a mold where it is formed into its final shape.
  • This naturally hypoallergenic latex foam is flame retardant, and toxin, pesticide, bacteria, and chemical free. It protects against allergies and other health concerns.
  • The layers of latex foam make the mattress more comfortable, supportive and durable.
  • An organic cotton cover comes with every latex bed bought so that the customer can sleep better wrapped in softness.
  • The rubber tree produces liquid latex as a means of preventing pests from harming it by habitating within its bark and trunk. Since the mattress is created with all natural latex, it acts as a barrier to dust mites and other tiny pests that like to thrive in mattresses and pillows.
  • These carefully handcrafted mattresses last from 15 to 20 years.
  • They are deemed as sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Your body will remain in perfect alignment all night long whether you’re a side, back or stomach sleeper. Keeping your body aligned will reduce any pain and discomfort you’re used to experiencing.
  • You can buy these mattresses in size: king/queen/twin/single.
  • The natural latex components allow for air to circulate so that you perspire less and your body stays cool throughout sleep.

The best organic mattress on the market can be found at affordable prices online at the organic mattress store for Santa Cruz Natural Mattress. We have a quick and guaranteed shipping and handling process that will make sure your eco mattress is delivered in no time at all.

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