Beware The Dreaded Back-Buster

A Failing Mattress Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

Call it a sag. Call it a hole. Call it a trench or a trough or a gully … or just call it what it really is: trouble. Because that’s what a failing mattress amounts to.

If you’ve got a sag in your mattress, you may soon have a sag in your fortunes. Sags lead to poor sleep, aches and pains, and – potentially – serious back problems and other health issues.

Or maybe you’ve got the opposite problem: a mattress not far removed from concrete, with all the original padding permanently crushed. It may be dead flat – no sags – yet still intolerable and damaging to your health.

Either way, if that’s your mattress, then it’s time to act. Whether you choose our solution – a 100% natural latex mattress – or any other kind (inner spring or memory), do something about it as soon as you can! Any decent new mattress will make an enormous improvement in your life and health.

Of course, we hope you’ll consider a Santa Cruz Natural Mattress. For one thing,100% natural latex makes for just about the perfect sleeping surface. It’s exceptionally supportive, resilient, and comfortable. It gently contours and conforms to your shape, resulting in a sleep surface that’s firm where you need it, cushy where you want it … and naturally cool to boot. And our mattresses are chemical free, naturally anti-microbial, and dust-mite resistant. No other kind of mattress can claim all of that!

Natural (sometimes called “botanical”) latex is also wonderfully durable. Most mattresses are designed to last just 7 or 8 years (on average, people replace them every 11 years … a lot of folks, you see, are sleeping on worn-out mattresses). Memory foams – which mostly are made from petrochemicals – can begin to sag and crush after just a few years of daily use. Well, we guarantee our mattresses for 10 years. Plenty of latex mattresses give great support and dreamy nights for 20 to 25 years and longer.

There’s a reason why 80% of all premium mattresses sold in Europe are natural latex mattresses.

Call and schedule a visit to Santa Cruz Natural Mattress today. Don’t worry: you won’t confront 30 mattresses here. Just two: firm and extra-firm. We promise, it’ll only take a little while for you to figure out if this is the right mattress, or if you need to keep shopping.

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