The town of Aptos brings its residents sea glass adorned beaches, shorelines as far as the eye can see, an abundance of water activities, and marine life. There’s so much to be desired in this small unincorporated town in Santa Cruz County. With a population of nearly 25,000 people, the residents take great care of their community, practicing healthy, green lifestyles that act in the interest the environment.

Since an eco-friendly living is a high priority to those living in Aptos and all of California, it’s no wonder so many green and sustainable products and services are offered. That’s why many are choosing Santa Cruz Natural Mattress as their preferred mattress provider. The organic mattresses found for sale at Santa Cruz Natural Mattress provide a clean, healthier and more comfortable night of sleep- every single night. With the high quality and meticulous creation and design of the mattresses, you’d never assume they’d be so affordable.


What Is All Natural Latex and Why Should I Buy a Latex Bed?

The 100% natural latex is harvested from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) which is found close to the equator primarily in Asia. When the tree is tapped to collect the liquid latex, the serum seeps into a large bucket that sit in place to collect the liquid. The trees are not harmed during the process of extraction. After time, the tree heals itself closing up again with the serum being released once the tap is pulled out.

Natural rubber is used in many products including the eco mattress. The material provides many advantages. The use of this rubber is less dangerous than any of its alternatives, without any side effects or harm done to anything it is used in. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from owning an all natural latex foam mattress.

  • The latex used in Santa Cruz Natural Mattress products undergoes a vulcanization process where other all natural and synthetic additives are combined with the liquid rubber mixture.
  • There are no chemicals, flame retardants, toxins, pesticides, or other harmful contaminants used in the creation of the mattresses.
  • They are naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Comfort, durability and sustainability are three of the greatest aspects of the mattresses. Every mattress is created with layers of the latex foam sheets molded after the vulcanization process.
  • Santa Cruz Natural Mattress guarantees their products and affordable pricing. They even have a quick shipping and handling process so that you can get your mattress delivered to your door quicker than you’d ever imagine.
  • The rubber tree produces the liquid latex as a form of prevention against insects and pests that might kill it. Our mattresses are resilient to dust mites and other small bugs that like to live within our linens, pillows and mattresses.
  • Our handcrafted organic latex foam mattresses can last for 15 to 20 years.
  • The mattresses are breathable which lessens the amount you perspire at night and keeps the body cool. Since the air circulates, this makes it easier to sleep comfortably.
  • The bouncy latex mattress keeps your body aligned all night long including the shoulders, hips and back.
  • Each natural rubber mattress comes with organic cotton covers for superior softness.
  • Buy your mattress in one of these sizes: king/queen/twin/single.

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