We may be new to the California Central Coast, but Santa Cruz Natural Mattress is not new to creating healthy and superbly comfortable mattresses. Family owned and operated, Santa Cruz Natural Mattress exclusively manufactures chemical-free 100% natural latex mattresses designed to provide a superior alternative to both traditional spring mattress as well as trendy petro-chemical based memory foam mattresses.

Owner Roger Keeling, along with Gary and David Kramer of Portland’s Mulligan Mattress, and Tim Ley of Seattle Natural Mattress, can between us boast of over a half-century of experience producing quality beds. We use the very best materials to ensure that every Santa Cruz Natural Mattress gives you a great night’s rest, one that must be experienced to be believed.

Our Showroom

1804 Mission Street, Suite 102
Santa Cruz, CA. 95060
(831) 316-0648


Santa Cruz Natural Mattress is open:

  • Tuesday thru Friday: 10am – 6pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 3pm
  • Sunday & Monday: closed (but always available by appointment)

BUT, we are available every day of the week, including evenings – 7 days a week – by appointment. Just call (831) 316-0648

Sometimes we must be closed for deliveries or errands. If we’re not in when you come by, even though it’s during our posted business hours, CALL me for my return time! Frequently I’m just a few minutes away. If there’s no answer at the number above, try the direct cell number: (503) 516-3733.

Directions and Parking

Best Bet: use Siri or Alexa to get you to our store at 1804 Mission Street, Suite 102, in Santa Cruz (zip 95060). Turn onto Baldwin Street at Mission, then left into the first driveway. Park in one of the far-left commercial spots behind our 3-story mixed use building.

Old Fashioned Turn-by-Turn Instructions:

Coming south from San Jose on Highway 17: entering Santa Cruz, stay in the middle-right lane. Follow the signs toward UC Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay. Climb the hill, and you will eventually merge right onto Mission. Stay on it about 15 blocks until you see our 3-story mixed-use building on the right. Turn right on Baldwin, just before our building, and park behind the building in one of the far-left commercial spots.

Note: if you see Safeway on your left, you’ve gone too far. Turn right at the light at Miramar (left goes into the Safeway lot). Go to King Street, turn right again, and then go to the second street (with a circle): that’s Baldwin. Turn right and come back almost to Mission; turn right into our lot.

Coming Up Highway 1 from Monterey, Watsonville, and/or Capitola: drive to the end of Highway 1. Don’t take the exit to go to San Jose; drive to where the freeway curves tightly right. You’ll briefly be on Highway 17. Follow the signs to Mission / Highway 1 north. See the instructions above to complete the drive to our store.

Coming South from San Francisco / Half Moon Bay: When you enter Santa Cruz, you’ll see a Safeway on your left. Get in the middle lane and drive about three blocks. On your right you’ll see a large 3-story building. That’s us! Turn left onto Baldwin just past us (between our building and the bike shop with “Welcome to Santa Cruz” on its wall), then left into our lot behind the building.

Roger Keeling - Owner Of Santa Cruz Natural Mattress

Roger Keeling – Owner Of Santa Cruz Natural Mattress

Natural Latex Mattresses

Our green mattresses have become everso popular among those with the desire to encourage an eco-friendly living by using all natural materials and sustainable products. Our latex foam mattresses are carefully designed and handcrafted to provide customers with peaceful, undisturbed sleep- night after night.

You’re probably wondering how it’s possible to create an environmentally friendly mattress using organic materials…. Well, we figured it out. By extracting liquid latex from the inside of a rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) and using a tap so that the tree isn’t damaged, we have gained the main component for our uniquely green mattresses. Once the liquid latex is combined with other organic additives through a vulcanization process, the mixture is then molded into shape.

The liquid latex that is harbored in the thick trunks of the rubber tree provide protection and resilience against bacteria, mold, mildew as well as dust mites and other small pests. The mattress is breathable too so that you perspire less in your sleep and remain cool throughout the night. The firmness, softness of the organic cotton cover, and the bounciness provided by the mattress only add to its ultimate comfort, allowing for a more restful night of sleep.

Buy Your Next Mattress from Santa Cruz Natural Mattress

When you order from Santa Cruz Natural Mattress, we guarantee our product. We provide affordable prices and have a fast shipping and delivery process. You can rest assured that our mattresses are free from chemicals, flame retardants, pesticides and toxins. So throw out your old mattress and sleep soundly, without the gross allergens and contaminants that are often found in other mattresses.


Our natural mattresses come with organic cotton covers in six sizes:


    • Eastern (Standard) King – 80″l x 76″w
    • California King – 84″l x 72″w
    • Queen – 80″l x 60″w
    • Full – 75″l x 54″w
    • Twin – 75″l x 38″w
    • Twin Extra Long (XL) – 80″l x 38″w

Handcrafted & Affordable

Handcrafted luxury in a natural latex can still be affordable . Visit our showroom or give us a call today to discuss.

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