Don’t Buy Blind: Some Things To Consider About Latex Mattresses

At Santa Cruz Natural Mattress, we only sell mattresses made from 100% natural latex, covered in 100% organic cotton. There’s no law making us do this. We could – were we inclined – sell $199 economy specials, or extravagant $10,000 Euro-beds stuffed with horsehair and pixie dust. More to the point, we could display and […]


Beware The Dreaded Back-Buster

A Failing Mattress Can Be Dangerous to Your Health Call it a sag. Call it a hole. Call it a trench or a trough or a gully … or just call it what it really is: trouble. Because that’s what a failing mattress amounts to. If you’ve got a sag in your mattress, you may […]


Do Layer Cakes Really Make Good Beds?

To hear many mattress makers tell it, the only way to make a good mattress is to make it like a layer cake. You know, as in: “We’ve got a layer of this, and a layer of that, and a few more layers besides.”  For example, I’m looking at a website that brags how their […]


What Is Natural Latex?

Natural latex has been used for many centuries. It derives from the rubber tree which is found near the equator in Asia. These trees produce liquid latex for up to 30 years and aren’t harmed in the process of extraction. This material is used in a number of products and as of recently, this includes […]


Why Santa Cruz Natural Mattress?

Santa Cruz Natural Mattress has taken over the mattress market in California with its uniquely designed and created all natural, eco friendly mattresses. Their goal is to replace traditional and mainstream mattresses with green, non-toxic alternatives made from the liquid latex found and harvested from the inside of a rubber tree. With their innovative and […]


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